Residential Pressure Washing

house washingOur house washing system is a safe and effective process. While washing your house, we use a detergent that is easy on your home, yet tough on mold, grime, and dirt. We use multiple rinses to ensure that any plant life and other exteriors will not be damaged in the process of your home being cleaned. We also use a low pressure/high volume system to ensure that your home is cleaned yet undamaged during cleaning.
deck cleaning At Clean Under Pressure we take great pride in making your deck the best it can be. A deck with stains, mold, etc. will look old and worn. We work hard to take the years off of your deck.
concrete cleaningWhat most people don’t realize is how dirty their driveway or walkways actually are. Moss, algae, dirt, and mold build up over time and dramatically affect your concrete’s appearance. Compliment a sparkling house with clean concrete; let us bring it back to life! For more information on concrete cleaning, and to see a video of a driveway being cleaned, head over to our blog and take a look at our first blog post!